Where Your Support Goes

At WE San Francisco Shop we are proud to share that 100% of the proceeds generated through your purchases go directly to supporting the vibrant community of San Francisco. We believe in the power of commerce to make a positive impact, and we want you to know exactly where your support is making a difference.

Our commitment to the San Francisco community extends beyond mere financial contributions; it's about investing in the values and initiatives that shape the city we call home. By choosing to shop with us, you are actively contributing to the betterment of San Francisco.

The funding generated from your purchases goes towards various programs and initiatives that align with our core beliefs. To learn more about what we stand for and where your support is making an impact, we invite you to explore our 'We Believe' page. Here, you'll find detailed information about the causes, projects, and community-driven efforts that we are passionate about.

WE San Francisco Shop plays a crucial role in fostering positive change in San Francisco. We are grateful for your support and excited to continue making a meaningful difference in our community together.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for choosing WE San Francisco Shop as a platform where your purchases contribute to something greater. Together, our community-led movement aims to solve San Francisco’s most challenging problems with collective will and coordinated action.